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Lemjabbar-Alaoui H, Sidhu SS, Mengistab A, Gallup M, Basbaum C
TACE/ADAM-17 phosphorylation by PKC-epsilon mediates premalignant changes in tobacco smoke-exposed lung cells.
PloS one, 2011;[epublish]6(3):e17489.
Rosen SD, Lemjabbar-Alaoui H
Sulf-2: an extracellular modulator of cell signaling and a cancer target candidate.
Expert opinion on therapeutic targets, Sep-2010;14(9):935-49.
Sidhu SS, Nawroth R, Retz M, Lemjabbar-Alaoui H, Dasari V, Basbaum C
EMMPRIN regulates the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway, a potential role in accelerating lung tumorigenesis.
Oncogene, Jul-22-2010;29(29):4145-56.  Epub 2010 May 31.
Lemjabbar-Alaoui H, van Zante A, Singer MS, Xue Q, Wang YQ, Tsay D, He B, Jablons DM, Rosen SD
Sulf-2, a heparan sulfate endosulfatase, promotes human lung carcinogenesis.
Oncogene, Feb-4-2010;29(5):635-46.  Epub 2009 Oct 26.
Uchimura K, Lemjabbar-Alaoui H, van Kuppevelt TH, Rosen SD
Use of a phage display antibody to measure the enzymatic activity of the Sulfs.
Methods in enzymology, 2010;480:51-64.
Dasari V, Gallup M, Lemjabbar H, Maltseva I, McNamara N
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition in lung cancer: is tobacco the "smoking gun"?
American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology, Jul-2006;35(1):3-9.  Epub 2006 Feb 16.
Lemjabbar-Alaoui H, Dasari V, Sidhu SS, Mengistab A, Finkbeiner W, Gallup M, Basbaum C
Wnt and Hedgehog are critical mediators of cigarette smoke-induced lung cancer.
PloS one, 2006;[epublish]1:e93.
Gensch E, Gallup M, Sucher A, Li D, Gebremichael A, Lemjabbar H, Mengistab A, Dasari V, Hotchkiss J, Harkema J, Basbaum C
Tobacco smoke control of mucin production in lung cells requires oxygen radicals AP-1 and JNK.
The Journal of biological chemistry, Sep-10-2004;279(37):39085-93.
Londhe V, McNamara N, Lemjabbar H, Basbaum C
Viral dsRNA activates mucin transcription in airway epithelial cells.
FEBS letters, Oct-9-2003;553(1-2):33-8.
Lemjabbar H, Li D, Gallup M, Sidhu S, Drori E, Basbaum C
Tobacco smoke-induced lung cell proliferation mediated by tumor necrosis factor alpha-converting enzyme and amphiregulin.
The Journal of biological chemistry, Jul-11-2003;278(28):26202-7.
Lemjabbar H, Basbaum C
Platelet-activating factor receptor and ADAM10 mediate responses to Staphylococcus aureus in epithelial cells.
Nature medicine, Jan-2002;8(1):41-6.
Basbaum C, Li D, Gensch E, Gallup M, Lemjabbar H
Mechanisms by which gram-positive bacteria and tobacco smoke stimulate mucin induction through the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).
Novartis Foundation symposium, 2002;248:171-6; discussion 176-80, 277-82.
Belcher CE, Drenkow J, Kehoe B, Gingeras TR, McNamara N, Lemjabbar H, Basbaum C, Relman DA
The transcriptional responses of respiratory epithelial cells to Bordetella pertussis reveal host defensive and pathogen counter-defensive strategies.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Dec-5-2000;97(25):13847-52.
Basbaum C, Lemjabbar H, Longphre M, Li D, Gensch E, McNamara N
Control of mucin transcription by diverse injury-induced signaling pathways.
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, Nov-1999;160(5 Pt 2):S44-8.
Yao PM, Lemjabbar H, D'Ortho MP, Maitre B, Gossett P, Wallaert B, Lafuma C
Balance between MMP-9 and TIMP-1 expressed by human bronchial epithelial cells: relevance to asthma.
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Jun-30-1999;878:512-4.
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